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Episódio 01 
Trapped By Loki/ The Vengeance Of Loki/ Defeat Of Loki

Chained Evil/ Sandu Master Of The Supernatural/ The Enchanted Hammer

Enchantress And Executioner/ Giants Walk The Earth/ Battle Of the Gods

At the Mercy of Loki/Trail Of the Gods/ Return To Earth

The Absorbing Man/ In My Hands, This Hammer/ Vengeance Of The Thunder God

To Kill A Thunder God/ The Day Of The Destroyer/ Terror Of The Tomb

The Grey Gargoyle/ The Wrath Of Odin/ Triumph In Stone

Mysterious Mister Hyde/ Revenge Of Mr. Hyde/ Thor’s Showdown With Mr. Hyde

Episódio 09
Every Hand Against Him/ The Power Of The Thunder God/ The Power Of Odin (Em Andamento)

Episódio 10
The Tomorrow Man/ Return Of Zarko/ Slave Of Tomorrow Man (Em Andamento)

Episódio 11
Enter Hercules/ When Meet Immortals/ Whom The Gods Would Destroy (Em Andamento)

Victory Of Pluto/ The Verdict Of Zeus/ Thunder In The Netherworld

Molto The Lava Man/ Invasion Of The Lava Man/ Living Rock.

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